In a nice, tropical setting with many very old giant cacti, palm trees and flowers is the Hacienda del Sol, a fully furnished, very quiet vacation rental place about 100 yd from the beach of the inner bay.
Of course you don't have to go to the beach to splash in the water. The pool is solar heated and there is also a nice shady palapa where you can put the fish or T-bone on the BBQ. But if you want to swim in the bay, you should know that there are no big waves and no undertow. It is very safe.

The pool water is ionized!! There is no more chemicals , no more Chlorine !!
No more burning eyes, rough skin and bleached hairs!! it is drinking water quality.
Here, have a look at our accommodations by clicking the thumbnail pictures.
Casa Coromuel
Casa Sonrisa
Flor de Jamaica
El Nido
If you like to do more than just laying in the sun and swimming, here are some ideas:
If you want to be on the water and enjoy a day or even a longer trip, see our kayak web site and click the picture.
If you like to go fishing, snorkeling, diving or just want to be on the water, here is a nice Panga you can use. See more by clicking the picture.
Sailing the Sea of Cortez is the most beautiful experience. Sailing You only have to know how to sail, without having a license or certificate. For the price of a hotel room, you can be a whole week on the water.
In case you like to go Scuba Diving or want to snorkel with the seals at Los Islotes island, you can learn more if you click the picture.
The Hacienda is only 3 miles from La Paz across the water and 17 KM or 11 miles along the bay if you drive.
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Just drop us an e-mail:
OR give us a call at: 011-52-612-123-5440
To contact us by snail-mail:

Eberhard and Renate
Aptdo. Postal 374
23000 La Paz, Baja California Sur


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There are also many wonderful beaches to explore. Collect all the shells you want to take home with you and then find out you have to much and leave them here. HA
Our wonderful city has so much to offer. There is plenty of life, great friendly people, fantastic restaurants who will attack your waistline and a stroll along the Malecon (Sea Promenade) is unforgettable.
If you want to learn more about Baja, click the Logo
Carlos Fiesta has plenty
of information about the Baja
Having a camping adventure, here is the perfect RV for Baja. Go to the site by clicking the picture for more information.

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Keep in mind, that we answer to ALL inquiries, even if we have no vacancy anymore. If you don't receive any response from us in 24 hours, check your spam box. Our mail has most likely ended up there. Look for the subject line "HACIENDA  DEL  SOL" or give us a call at:
If you can drive a stick shift, we even have a free car for our guests. INFORMATION
Here is a place for permanent RV living
Yes, we have high speed broad band wireless internet connection.
The setup is a little more complicated since we don't have any line here. The signal is sent with a transmitter to the main station. The use of the airwaves is very expensive, but some of our guests like to do business and some want to watch the "naughty sites". HA
Click here to see what the Hacienda Del Sol has Donated to the --> Red Cross.
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There will be a new window open and you simply follow the directions at the secure site.
You don't have to become a member to pay!
>>>>>>>>>>>>> Please Note:
We really don't want to "toot our own horn", but it seems like we have to do it. Since our charge for the accommodations is so low, people expect a run down place or "there must be something wrong with it". The HACIENDA DEL SOL is our hobby and all proceeds are going to different charities here in La Paz. We don't take even one centavo as salary or other compensation for us. What ever is left after the expenses will be donated to the Red Cross, the Orphanage, the Old Folks Home, the Caritas, E.M.A.S. and other social institutions. Here, have a look and CLICK The pictures you see on our different sites reflecting reality. It is as you see it here. Actually, it is even better in reality since we can't show it how it is. We are not professional designers who can make even an ugly place look perfect. If you like to spend a fantastic time with us, let us know way ahead. We have every year several thousand inquiries and more than 60% of our guests had visited us before and reserving already at leaving for the next vacation. Please let us know soon if we can put a beer with your name on in the fridge. HA
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