WHAT AN ( use your your own expression) ................................. HE IS
Mr. Cherry came with his daughter Rachel for an "unforgettable" vacation. The red flags should have come up whe he did not pay his bill after 6 days, but we are trusting people to much.
In the evening of his last vacation day we reminded him of his still unpaid bill and he promised to pay the next morning, since he had to draw the money out of the bank machine. The next morning he was gone and he left a note on the floor, that nobody was home at 7:30 (
bold face lie ) and he could not pay and he had to go to catch his plane. We checked with the airline and found out, that he had a flight booked at mid day. A few minutes before boarding the airport police was able to get him out of the waiting room. "Eberhard, what are you doing to me?" were his first words, followed by a tirade of not so clean swear words and threats and a long line of expressions that would even made an old sailor blush. It is understandable, since he was just minutes away from boarding and getting out of the country scott free without paying. Only after the police were ready to put him in handcuffs and time was running out so he would miss his plane, he conceded to pay his bill of only $ 357.00 Dollar.
THANK YOU!! Mr. Cherry, very generous.
Just a little note on the side: We never had any guests who changed a lovely place in just one week into a pigsty. Sure, his daughter in her early 20ies didn't feel much like cleaning. For sure it was his daughter. There was a lot of resemblance. They managed to use all the beds, including the Futon sofa in the living room. May be in some extasy they even ripped a heavy mattress cover and the cleaning lady had a hard time to get all the big "active" stains out. Mexico is a free country and don't care about any private sexual matters !!!!! May be this was the reason why he came to Mexico in the first place, so he would not go to jail if he get cought with his daughter. Now after he was forced to pay his bill, Mr. Cherry promised, that non of his friends will ever visit us.
THANK  YOU  SO  MUCH !! Yes, he even promised that no American will ever have a vacation at the Hacienda again and that he will destroy our web site and the Baja - Web site too. You havn't seen it yet? Just click
Baja - Web.com
There is an organization called the lodging association to protect renter from clients like Mr. Cherry.
His name is now listed and if he ever comes to Mexico again, he will have to pay his rent in advance if he get any lodging at all.
So, now after writing this down, we feel much better. If you want to drop him an e-mail to tell him about his character and sexual behavior, send it to: