We integrated the couple into our private parties, they had plenty of T-bones on our roof bar, finished more than one bottle of our excellent NAPOLEON Cognac, smoked our Cuban cigars and told us they are in paradise. Hmm Then came the day where they had to pay for paradise and all of a sudden Nathalie, who was the “Minister of Finance”, had no more money. All spend in La Paz. Sure, there is always the option of the credit card via PayPal, but can you believe it,
Nathalie Croteau could not access her account. She screwed up her password. But of course, she had always the option of a bank machine and that was she was going to do: Draw the money out of the machine. When she went to downtown, she met another guest of the Hacienda and she send this note with him:
Do you know

Nathalie Croteau
2573 Stoneman Lane
North Pole, AK 99705
United States

She was our guest in January 2005 for 2 weeks. We really went to a lot of trouble to accommodate her with her friend Peter, since we are usually booked way in advance. We gave them our spare Palapa, a gorgeous place for two, and they where really happy. At least, that what they told us almost every day.
Here, see what our spare Palapa looks like.
A lovely little living section and a Kitchen with everything in there makes it a comfortable place.
The little enclosed patio gives you more privacy.
But in the meantime the couple drove to Cabo and flew home without paying. Of course in a moment in our office, when her friend Peter showed up outside, Nathalie stole a receipt form and also 2,000.00 Pesos in cash. OK, Mexico is out for her for the next 30 years. There is already an arrest order and if she ever crosses the border, it doesn’t matter where, she will have another “free vacation” this time by the government. Ha We just want to let you know about her. The whole set up was so professional, we are sure it was not the first time she defrauded someone. She even took her boyfriend for a ride. She cashed from him his share of the cost before the trip and when they where home she dumped him. Of course he is a "softy". According to him, he lost plenty of money on her too. So, if you live in NORTH POLE ALASKA or close by, be aware of NATHALY  CROTEAU !!She is a CROOK !! If you have any idea where we can get the money from her, let us know. It is not for us. We are a fundraiser for the local RED CROSS and she defrauded this really needy organization. You might like to send her an e-mail to let her know of what you think about her honesty. OOPS, she has changed her e-mail address again. If anybody knows here new one, please let us know. This is the last one we had, not working anymore of course.

Thanks for reading this site. Muchas gracias amigos. PS: If you have to much room in your luggage when you come to visit us, it will be nice if you can fill it with some stuff to donate to the RED CROSS. We can use here EVERYTHING.
We just received an e-mail from someone she had taken for a ride too and he send us a few pictures. He also mentioned, that she is not only ugly from the outside.