On more than 2,000 sq m, 22,500 sq ft. are only 9 spacious RV lots for permanent living.
There are many couples who like to retire or semi retire in the warmth of La Paz. It is a wonderful city with everything you are looking for. The surrounding nature is fantastic, the people are very nice, the climate is almost perfect, the living standard pretty high, the Dollar goes much further than up north, the health service is very good and incredible cheap and you can get everything you want down here. Since the living in this great climate is mostly outside, it makes sense to justy come with a nice rig, build a shady Palapa over it and set it up for good. There are sewage and potable water connections and the electric comes direct from the power company. This means that there is an official electric bill as a proof of residency. With this there can be applied for emigration paper and with the FM3 is a membership at the Seguro Social possible. This health care system cost for 2 people by FULL coverage of hospital and medication just $350 Dollars for the whole year.
Most people doing the banking and bill paying via internet. There is a high speed wireless broad band system installed, so e-mail and banking is no problem.
This is great, sitting by the pool and doing the business chores.
There is a Palapa at the pool for everybody to come together.
Here is also a nice BBQ to prepare the best T-bone or the fish.
Yes, the village has a boat ramp and the fishing is pretty good
all year round.
When building the swimming pool, there was a several hundred year old cactus in the way. Since he has more rights to be here than we do, we made him his own island and surrounded the foot with nice flowers. Now it is so practical, sitting in the water on the steps and having a place to put the drink on.
Of course cost is important too. It is $3.30 Dollars per year/sq foot. For example, the lot for a 29 ft. RV will cost less than $ 3,000.00 Dollar for the full year.
In case you like it "green", have your own garden. Just plant your tomatoes, green beens, fantastic sweet water melons, flowers, what ever you like to grow. You also can build an outside kitchen and put the potatoes right from the plant into the pot. There is plenty of space for the serious green thumbed gardener. We like to see you making your set up a real home.
But not only the little corner of
paradise you will set up here is great, also La Paz has so much to offer. In less than 15 minutes, 11 Miles, (
OK, I need only 7) , you can be in downtown where you will find almost everything you need and want. There is a great cultural offer, the shopping is fantastic and the Social Security Dollar goes much farther. Did we mention the incredible beautiful surrounding nature? Oh, and don't forget to bring snorkel gear and may be a car topper. The underwater world is incredible and the fishing all year round great.
Picture yourself in the shade of a beautiful Palapa at our beach, have a cold one
and put the fishing pole out.
We also have a shaded parking for your car too.
Here is a graphic to show the different sizes of the lots. As visible, there is plenty of space fora little garden with flowers and tomatoes or a big patio with an outside kitchen in the shade of your own Palapa. If you are handy, you can build it yourself. You also can share a big lot with a friend and if you like to set up a mobile home, you can do this too.
If you don't want to be here all year round, rent your place out!! This will pay for the cost and more.
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