Explore the pristine white beaches, beautiful bays, open your senses to the fascination of gliding over the incredible blue water and watch the sea birds diving for food. Here comes a whole pod of Dolphins to "inspect" you, a Seal dives up right close
to your kayak, Mantas shooting high in the air, flipping over and falling back into their element with a loud splash. There is so much to see, even years are not enough to let you enjoy all the beauty of this"El Paraiso". But even so, just a day or two on the water will leave a big impression and let you wonder about more beauty beyond the horizon.
Discover the wonderful world of kayaking
Even if you never kayaked before, our kayaks are so easy to handle, you will feel safe after only  a few minutes.
See the inner Bay of La Paz, glide along the El Mogote peninsula in protected water, kayak to the channels of the mangrove area and watch sea birds of all kinds who are nesting there.
May be you like to kayak along the white beach of Tecolote or glide into the overwhelmingly beautiful bay of Balandra. If you like to stay overnight, paddle into the Caleta Lobos for great snorkeling at the reef or go for sand dollars at the Pichi Falsa Bay, or ......... There is so much to see and do, just go ahead and try it.You might get addicted.
If you like to know more about kayaking in beautiful Baja, just drop us an e-mail.
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Whale watching in Lopez Mateos
From Loreto to La Paz
If you are in La Paz, give us a call at: 123-5440
It can't get any better than that