One of the most beautiful kayak trips in the Sea of Cortez
We will drive with you about 350 Km from La Paz through a wonderful desert and the gorgeous mountains of the Sierra de la Giganta to Playa Blanca in Loreto. From there start your most beautiful adventure to the south. We have not enough space here to describe all the fantastic places you will see. Pristine white beaches, lovely islands, hotsprings, lonely fisher camps where you are very welcome, pods of Dolfins will come close to you to check you out, once in a while a big Whale blows his fountain right close to you, giant Mantas shooting out of the water, flipping in the air and splashing back, all kinds of sea birds will accompany you and flying fish might even land in your kayak. There are also many marvellous spots for unforgettable snorkeling, full of tropical fish in all sizes and color. We love this beautiful strech, where we know almost every rock and spot. We will be glad to tell you all about it at the briefing.
Isla San Franzisco, one of the great islands you can see on this trip.
The whole trip is only 12 days on the water. The total distance is about 120 NM. If you know your travel speed you can stay at some lovely spots for a few days and enjoy fishing, snorkeling and exploring, or you can extend the trip as long as you want.
Any day in the morning between 9:00 and 10:00 am
GEAR: We can rent you a complete camping outfit or you use your own camping gear.
PREPARATION: We will sit together with you and go step by step over the whole trip. We have detailed charts for you to take along.
This will be 12 wonderful days but you can always extend your time. We will tell you how to let us know during the instruction.
Charts, briefing, transfer to Loreto and kayaks
Per person in a single kayak  $ 390 Dollar 2 Persons in a double kayak   $ 720 Dollar for 2 pax and up.

single kayak per day  $ 25 Dollar double kayak per day $ 45 Dollar
Whale watching in Lopez Mateos
one - or multi day tours
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All tours can be also full catered. Just contact us about 6 weeks in advance for the time and cost.
If you have any question please drop us an e-mail
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