MOEWE is a 28 feet Herreshoff designed very seaworthy sloop with almost everything on board. We will go to places usually not reachable by kayak.
We sail with you, or even better, you can sail the boat first out of La Paz. At the beautiful island of Espiritu Santo we launch the kayaks and we will meet you at the first anchorage. You have detailed charts and also receive clear instructions where to go. For sure, you won't get lost.
You will travel light and beside something to drink and some munchies, you don't have to carry
The distance you have to kayak is just so that you will have all meals on board. There is no cooking at the beach ( no sand in your food ) and since there is refrigeration on board you will always have a cold drink. Everything is planed for a great combination of sailing, kayaking and snorkeling.
Bring a pair of suitable shoes. The islands we will see are gorgeous and are just waiting to be explored. Most of the time we will be the only boat in an anchorage and the whole beautiful nature is just for you to enjoy.
Imagine: sitting on deck, sipping a cold drink, looking at the pelikans and seagulls diving for their dinner, the fregat birds and sea eagles circling high above, the typical smell of ocean water and plankton tickling your senses the mild evening breeze lets tiny waves splashing on the hull as you watch the sun go down. THAT'S LIFE !
If you like to enjoy this unforgettable trip, you should know that we don't have any fixed time scedules.
We make only one or two of these tours per month and we are very flexible. The time is one week and if you like to stay longer, let's talk about it. All meals and soft drinks are provided and also on board accommodations. We take only two passengers for "hands on" sailing and kayaking. A one week trip with everything included is
$ 1.360 Dollar for two.
There are no extra costs and we pick you up from your hotel and bring you back. If you don't have any lodging, we will be glad to organize it for you. So, if you like to have the trip of a life time, drop us an  
There is no "best time" for the trip. All year round is perfect to go and even the summer is great. It is not too hot and if you kayak in the morning, you can snorkel and swim with the seals the rest of the day. So, let us know when you like to come and we give you much more information than is possible here at the web site.