This is the perfect place for a Honeymoon getaway.
Sitting in the evening on the private patio, the mild desert breeze carries the smell from the tropical plants which tickles the senses, the night birds and Zicadas giving a concert, a Margarita in one hand, the other holding the partner, what could be more romantic
than that.
There is a very comfortable sitting group and the King - Size bed has a very good orthopedic mattress.
The kitchen has all nessessary appliances, from the microwave to the stainless steel pots and pans.
Here is the "cuddle - puddle" a nice jacuzzi which can be set to any desired temperature. Since the house has total privacy, nobody will ever show up when you use it. It is only for the honeymoon bungalow!! Imagine, sitting in the warm whirling water, the stars shining overhead, the silhouette of the old giant cacti reflecting in the velvet sky, the mild evening breeze rustling in the palm trees, a few candles set up on the jacuzzi rim flickering and painting moving shadows on the wall, a nice drink and a great partner, what could be better.We have to stop now or we will get too romantic. HA But wouldn't this be wonderful?
Of course, nobody has to be in their honeymoon to enjoy this great place, but if you stay there, you have to tell your partner at least 3 times a day how much you love him/her. HA Even so you have your privacy, if you like to meet the other guests of the Hacienda, just walk about 50 yd to the main place.
A romantic getaway will cost for the whole week just $ 390.00 Dollar +tx
To find out if there is an opening, drop us an e-mail:
or give us a call at 011-52-612-123-5440
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