At the inner bay, 17 Km or 11 miles from downtown La Paz is the Hacienda del Sol.
Thanks to the great Google Earth program we can show you excactly >where we are. 24 degrees, 07' 58,8" N  and  110degrees, 25' 25,8" W You can see the relation to downtown and the Hwy. 1
Hacienda  del  Sol
Coming from La Paz, take Hwy. 1 North, pass the village of Chametla, where the road from the airport leads into the Hwy. 1.
Drive north past the village of El Centenario to Km 17. There is a small paved road leading to the Pemex station and to San Juan de la Costa. Enter the road and direcly after the gas station turn to the right. There is a sign CIB which stands for Centro de Investigation Biologico. Go down this paved road for exactly 1 Km to the first and ONLY intersection. Here you turn right onto the graded road. The power poles on the right bearing the street numbers. At # 3 turn left, cross an intersection and after 250 yd there is on the left side, 100 yd. from the beach the Hacienda del Sol, easy to identify by the long natural hedge. (We don't like walls) If you get lost, go back to the gas station, give us a call from there 123-5440 and we will pick you up. This costs you a beer, since you will be the first one who got lost. HA
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