Here is, what our guests have to say about us
Renate and Eberhard Holzgraefe
Werner + Mick, Gerhard and Angelika:
Thank's for the great time we spent with you in your little "El Paraiso".

Sharon and Steve:
Thanks again for your warm hospitality and excellent guidance. We enjoyed spending time with you both.

Don and Audrey:
Thanks for your hospitality again this year. We much enjoyed our visit and look forward to our next.

David, Roberta, Kerin, Riley, Joel and >Martina:
Again, thank you for your wonderful
hospitality, free Mexican advice and great humor.

Euro, Patrizia, Enea and Elia:
We would like to thank you and Renate once again for the very beautiful weeks.

Thank you again for a wonderful time.

We met in you two kindhearted, friendly and helpful people.

We had a wonderful time and we will recommend your place to all our friends.

....I won't think twice about where to go. You folks are awesome! Thanks for a great vacation.

...thanks again to you and Renate for being such unique and nice people.

Pascal & Pica:
We all thank you very much for the wonderful time we had in your place,
all the attencion and not to mention the medical emergency care.

Steve and Laurie:
I'm writing an article about "Hacienda del Sol" too. We really had a nice time at Casa Sonrisa. What beautiful and immaculate homes you have. You both are in our prayers and La Paz is in our dreams.

Now we can go on and on with lots of letters, but how about a visit here at
our little tropical

"El Paraiso"
We even will put a beer with your name on in the fridge. HA
Max McKee
Sorry, not much to say about him.
We guess he did not like it here.
He left without informing us, took some "souvenirs", did not pay his
bill in full and 'forgot' to pay his telephone bill.
To show his frustration, he punched
a big dent in the door of the car we lent him for free.

Helga Walders and Werner Kapper

The coupple arrived here with two fat dogs, did a lot of damage, he
complained all day long about his 'terrible wife he has to live with'
enjoyed all activities without chipping in and left early without
paying the rent in full.

These are the only two we know of who did not like it here.
That's what we guess of course. We left the e-mail addresses, so you can give them a piece of
your mind if you want to. So, see us and then tell us how
terrible it is at the

"Hacienda del Sol"
like to try us for a great vacation?
But we don't know how to sort it. We had in January a couple from Alaska here. Peter and NATALIE CROTEAU from NORTH POLE , AK
They told us every day how much they loved it here and felt like in paradise. They wheren't very shy to get on our original NAPOLEON brandy and enjoyed our Cuban Cigars. Many times they integrated in to our roof parties with T-bones and beer and just enjoyed life.
If you are from Alaska and like to know how they defrauded us and especially the Red Cross, then click at the
CROOK link. Spread the words about NATALIE CROTEAU, she is a professional crook.